The Way Of Mastery (plus CD)

The Way Of Mastery (plus CD)
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    Complete 3 Volumes plus bonus CD:
    • The Way of the Heart
    • The Way of Transformation
    • The Way of Knowing
    • Meditation CD: A Meditation into the Heart of Christ
    This book contains the official extraordinary and transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) who speaks not as a savior above us, but as our brother and our friend to gently and lovingly guide us to remember the Truth of our being. The 35 lessons in this book are a pathway to forgiveness, self-love, and the acceptance of the perfection of each moment, and are designed to return the mind to holiness — wholeness. Jeshua speaks to every aspect of living in the world as Christ. With practicality, humor, and loving direction He points the way to the correction of every belief and perception that would keep us from knowing our perfect union with God. The only question left to be asked is: "How much of God can you receive and then extend to the world?"

    Many A Course In Miracles students study The Way of Mastery and have found it's teaching very compatible with the teachings of ACIM. Some say that the teachings from The Way Of Mastery have a softer, more heartfelt energy. The channel for Jeshua ben Joseph calls himself "Jayem", and is also known Jon Marc Hammer. He has been a presenters at several ACIM based conferences and gatherings.

    Published by Shanti Christo Foundation