The Forgiveness Solution

The Forgiveness Solution
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    Subtitle: The Whole-Body Rx for Finding True Happiness, Abundant Love, and Inner Peace

    Dr. Philip Friedman believes that at the root of almost all emotional problems is unforgiveness (grievances, judgments and attack thoughts) towards others, ourselves, our circumstances, God, anyone, or everyone. The Forgiveness Solution: The Whole Body Rx for Finding True Happiness, Abundant Love and Inner Peace is an easy to learn, practical, and integrative process whereby we learn to shift and release our perceptions, attitudes, images, energy, and distressing feelings (anger, guilt, hurt, shame, anxiety, panic, trauma, etc) and simultaneously re-empower ourselves by choosing and deciding to forgive. It contains quotations for numerous sources and A Course In Miracles. He teaches us many powerful exercises, tools, and techniques that show us exactly how to forgive rather than just talking about forgiveness. If you ever wanted a practical book that gives real techniques for practicing and reinforcing forgiveness, this is the book and workbook for you. In The Forgiveness Solution Dr. Friedman introduces us to the new, highly effective healing techniques of Transformational Forgiveness and Energetic Forgiveness. When we forgive we find within ourself the capacity to feel an authentic sense of peace and contentment when thinking about the person or situation we previously perceived as hurting or harming us while giving up the desire for retribution, punishment, or harm. This almost always leads to much greater happiness and joy. The next step in the Forgiveness Solution process is learning to develop positive, compassionate, and often loving feelings toward the people and circumstances (including ourselves) that we previously perceived as hurtful. Finally, we learn to interpret — and then realize — that these upsetting experiences are opportunities for profound personal and spiritual healing and growth.
    "A wonderful, passionate, healing book that teaches readers how to forgive themselves and others and reconnect with their inner goodness and light." — Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. author of Forgiveness: The Greatest Healler of All and Love Is Letting Go of Fear.

    "The Forgiveness Solution is a wonderfully healing book, an inspiring and practical guide that assists individuals on working through the rigorous task of releasing even the darkest of emotions." — Caroline Myss, author of Defy Gravity and Anatomy of the Spirit.
    By Philip Friedman, Ph.D.