An Upgraders Guide

An Upgraders Guide
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    Subtitle: How To Move On From Christianity & Rediscover Jesus

    The thesis of this book is three-fold:
    1) That Christianity is obsolete
    2) That we therefore need to move on to a better Jesus inspired thought system
    3) That such a thought system is now available.
    While there are many voices today that would consent to the first of these three statements, or something like it, we do not receive much help with the second, while the third is largely unknown. Yet today we have at our disposal a means by which the problem of Christian dysfunction can be solved. The purpose of this short book is to help people to upgrade to that solution. (Adapted from the Preface)

    F. Hugh Magee was born in London in 1933, the son of an English mother and an American father. His first years were spent in China, where his parents were missionaries. Returning to Britain in 1937, he was subsequently educated in England and the United States, where he attended St. Paul's School. A graduate of Yale University, he later returned to Britain to train for ordination at Westcott House, Cambridge. During the past 50 years he has served parishes on both sides of the Atlantic, and as Dean of Wenatchee in the Diocese of Spokane. He currently serves on the staff of a major Scottish cathedral. In addition to his priestly duties, Canon Magee has for the past 25 years been a student of A Course In Miracles. He has written numerous articles on the Course and has appeared on several Course related television programs. With his wife Yvonne, he has for many years hosted a number of groups for Course students, both in Britain and in the U.S. Asked how he can reconcile his Christian profession with the Course teachings, Canon Magee simply states that as his primary allegiance is to Jesus, there need be no conflict: "Since the upgrade outlined in this book leads to a new and radical understanding of the message of Jesus, it provides us with an opportunity to question traditional Christian beliefs as they have evolved over the centuries, and return to a clear understanding of his authentic teachings. The conventional assumption is that radical new ideas originate 'outside the box.' Yet here we have a thought system that not only emerges from within an existing paradigm, but from its very center — that center being Jesus. Thus the term "upgrade" is appropriate."

    by F. Hugh Magee