Take Me To Truth

Take Me To Truth
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    Subtitle: Undoing The Ego

    There's no chance of enlightenment without it. Yet there's little guidance available on how to achieve it. So, what exactly is it? We're talking about undoing the ego. You can't be serious about spiritual awakening unless you're prepared to undo your ego. The ego is the fundamental belief in separation and duality and it's an insidious idea that literally controls our lives. It's the unchallenged belief that a perfect and all-loving Creator slipped-up and made a world full of inconsistencies like fear, hatred, conflict and death.

    Take Me to Truth accelerates the ego-undoing process by introducing the concept of awakening through the miraculous dynamic of Unified Relationships and Quantum Forgiveness. In evolutionary terms, this formula provides perhaps the quickest route to awakening known currently in the space-time continuum. By applying these principles in our every day life, no matter what the circumstance, we get to have the direct experience of oneness. And there's no turning back once you've had that level of joy.

    Take Me to Truth identifies the one cause of all random chaos, not as an external negative force, but as our own split-mind, the ego. Realizing that our false-identity is the only one responsible for projecting all seeming inconsistencies in our life, we come to discover that we cause our reality; that we are not victims of the world we see.

    As the ego is released we remember that we are all one, that there is no separation. This book stands alone, as an unprecedented approach to ego-relinquishment. It courageously unravels and demystifies the ego-release process, by presenting a powerful six-stage navigational guide that takes us through the remarkable stages of undoing ego. Each of these stages becomes an experience of deepening trust, eventually removing all existing blocks to the awareness of the Infinite love that we are and that we have. Take Me to Truth heralds the next crucial step in the pursuit of evolutionary consciousness.
    "Take Me to Truth isn't just a book — it's a revelation. Nouk Sanchez is a gifted spiritual teacher who knows what she is talking about and has a good idea how to communicate her knowledge. The writing of Nouk and Tomas is uncompromising, exciting and strikingly consistent." — Gary Renard: author of The Disappearance Of The Universe and Your Immortal Reality

    "This is a seminal book filed with wisdom on how ego integration must precede ego transcendence. The authors take us to the source of our ego-self, help us understand and accept its rightful purpose, and thereby carve a true path to our liberation into Love." — Jacquelyn Small: author of The Sacred Purpose Of Being Human and founding director of Eupsychia Institute
    By Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira