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    A Course in Miracles are reflected in a host of different spiritual traditions which both pre-dated the printing of the Course and can now be found in many contemporary teachings. A Course in Miracles (the Course) is a unique spiritual document; a self-instructional textbook, eloquent in its loveliness and level of psychological sophistication. It is a modern spiritual classic regarded by many as the most important book since the Bible. It is clearly a document of the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, simultaneously simple and erudite. It is not surprising that what we find so carefully laid out in the Course is also found in other spiritual traditions. Reading the teachings of the world’s great scriptural traditions and knowing the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, an inevitable conversation takes place regarding the similarities and differences between the teaching of the Course and a host of different mystics, philosophers and spiritual teachings. The contributors to A Course in Miracles and... share their insights into the similarities of what they find between the Course and many spiritual traditions.
    "Thoughts are strengthened by being shared. As we learn about different spiritual and scientific disciplines that teach the same ideas as taught in A Course in Miracles, our trust and faith in The Course is confirmed! This present book compares the teachings of The Course with more than twenty five other related disciplines! And because each chapter is written by a different author, we are given parallel ideas from many different points of view and styles of writing. Reading this book builds a broad context in which to deepen our understanding of the Course. It will benefit all serious seekers of God no matter what their present level of spiritual or intellectual understanding may be." — Bonnie Nack
    By Jon Mundy, Ph.D. (author) and Lorri Coburn (compiler)