Living ACIM

Living ACIM
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    Subtitle: An Essential Guide to the Classic Text

    In 1976, a mysterious “Inner Voice” called out to a woman named Helen Schucman, dictating a system of belief that ultimately became A Course in Miracles. This book, totaling 1,333 pages, went on to sell more than two million copies around the world. Its lessons are meant to be digested one at a time; those who study ACIM do so over years, often struggling to progress through its resonant but difficult-to-comprehend truths. Jon Mundy-who knew the Course's founders and the text from the very beginning-is a perfect guide to the book's central tenets. Using passages from ACIM, he illuminates its teachings on such subjects as the self, forgiveness, desire, health, money, addiction, and the afterlife. Through Jon's lively storytelling and in-depth knowledge of the Course's wisdom, readers gain wisdom that might otherwise have taken them a lifetime to grasp.
    "I loved everything about this book. The way it explains the Course, the examples, the quotes, and above all, the lessons learned. I will definitely reread this book, I put it down right now with my heart full of love...♥”— Julia Blanca: Goodreads Reviewer
    By Jon Mundy, Ph.D.