Missouri Mystic

Missouri Mystic
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    This book tells Jon Mundy's personal story of spiritual quest and teaching. Follow Jon's life from a farm in Missouri, to a Methodist Minister, early A Course In Miracles student and teacher, magazine editor, a Manhattan ministry, cancer healing, popular author-lecturer and ever dedicated Course practitioner.

    "Love it! Missouri Mystic arrived yesterday. I began reading it immediately. I literally stayed up all night doing it. It is a deeply engaging narrative." — John White, Author of Enlightenment 101.

    "A look into a life of a man dedicated to A Course In Miracles. Jon's early experiences with the Course and its players are fascinating." — Beverly Hutchinson, Miracle Distribution Center.

    "Missouri Mystic is an epic journey of awakening and a classic story of a soul coming home." — Alan Cohen, Author of Deep Breath Of Life.
    By Jon Mundy, Ph.D.