Remembering One, Once Again

Remembering One, Once Again
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    Subtitle: Twelve Principles That Will Change Your Life

    In 2008, I was walking to the laundry room with a basket of dirty clothes when I heard a voice say, "You are not playing with a full deck." I knew this voice was coming from inside my head. I stopped quickly and put down the load of clothes. I immediately said to the voice, "How could I while I still occupy a body?" The voice then replied, "You can. Here are the twelve principles that will show you how it can be done." The voice that was going on in my head gave me the twelve principles and subheadings in less than half an hour. I wrote down all the information as fast as I could. I was blown away to say the least. At that time, I had been doing readings and coaching for over fifteen years; as a psychic medium and life coach, I had read for over 35,000 clients and coached over 5,000. Even so, the new knowledge and information I was presented with moved me to tears. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. As I started to write this book I came to know the voice talking to me as an ascended master named William, who would not just change my world to a more joyful place, but with his beautifully written words inspire me to follow the principles and forever completely change my life. As you learn about the principles, you will be changed, inspired, and want to change the world that you live in. You will be driven to try these incredible principles. The words will penetrate your soul, and welcome you into a journey of knowing you are ONE with everything. You will begin to own that everything you do, say, and think affects everyone else. Remembering One, Once Again will return all of us to our oneness for the last time. Are you with me? Let's do this together - once and for all.
    "It is rare to find significant spiritual principles presented in simple, straightforward language that makes them accessible and relevant to the reader. But this book does just that.
    Remembering One Once Again ... outlines specific, sensible steps that both enlighten the reader and offer guidelines for personal growth. Advice such as " Take responsibility. Ask, What can I do now?" in Principle #2, advises the reader to release perspectives of victimhood and helplessness and instead to reconsider life problems from a higher perspective, turning them over to God and listening for advice via their intuition and inner awareness. Principle #5, Be Your Process in the Journey, reminds the reader that asking for Divine Order in one's life entails not only clearing up one's personal problems and self-defeating behaviors, but also recognizing when and if you are ready for Divine Order to be present your life. Are you really ready to receive-and give-unconditional love? Are you ready to let go of your own "stories" (attitudes, beliefs, and judgments that create a sense of separation), and return to Oneness, "owning the God in you"?
    As a psychotherapist who works from a "soul psychology" perspective, I will be adding this book to the list I recommend to my clients. ? ”— Rita Milios, LCSW:The Mind Mentor
    By Tammy Holmes