Past & Future CD

Past & Future CD
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    A guided meditation with Tammy Holmes.

    This title appears to no longer be in production so this may be one of the few places left you can get it.

    Tammy Holmes is a gifted Natural-born Psychic Medium. She is also an Author, Guest Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach. She brings universal hope and change through her work with individuals and groups through her private sessions of readings and talks.

    Tammy has helped her international clientele to realize their higher purpose. With her guidance, clients have learned to connect to their world within and outside expanding themselves to love more fully and create lives of abundance in spirit and in hope.

    To create transformation on a grander scale, Tammy Holmes has produced over 25 of The Awakening Conferences—thus connecting other internationally renowned speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Michael and Rickie Beckwich, and Don Miguel Ruiz with thousands seeking spiritual growth.

    Author: Tammy Holmes