Love Has Forgotten No One (soft cover)

Love Has Forgotten No One (soft cover)
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    Subtitle: The Answer To Life — Hardcover

    In this fascinating book, Gary Renard and his Ascended Master teachers, Arten and Pursah, guide you through a way of dissolving the illusions of time and space and returning to Reality, which is Perfect Love. This is not love in the way the world commonly thinks of it. It's an all-encompassing kind of love that is perfect spirit: innocent, unflawed, immortal, invulnerable, and forever fearless.

    Real love, which is Divine in nature, must be experienced, for it is beyond words. Yet words and practice are needed to help lead you to that experience. The knowledge of what it's like to be one with your Source is the awesome mystical experience that's been described by Masters throughout the ages. It's the greatest sense of awareness anyone can have while still appearing to be in this world. This book will teach you exactly how to get to that experience, which upon the end of your physical existence will become your permanent reality. You will find that, indeed, love has forgotten no one.

    "This book is one wild ride, yet it's always uncompromising (as Arten and Pursah always are) in presenting the teachings of A Course Miracles. Along the way they even took me for a trip around the universe. It took me a month to get over that visit .... [This book] also completes the story of Arten and Pursah's final lifetime, and how their forgiveness lessons are connected to Thomas and Thaddaeus two thousand years ago, and Cindy (Gary's wife) and my challenges in this lifetime. I even got to speak with Thomas and Thaddaeus in person! Thaddaeus: "Actually, I was gay, and I didn't feel guilty about it. I was as gay as a picnic basket, and proud of it. There were just a couple of problems." LHFNO-p.112 — Gary Renard
    "Love Has Forgotten No One is not really a book. Rather it's a portal, a transport system, a re-arranging of the mind. When you've finished reading it, I believe you'll be closer to knowing your True Nature. All that, and Gary's funny too!" — Ron Hulnick, Ph.D., President University of Santa Monica: Co-Author with Dr. Mary R. Hulnick of Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology
    By Gary Renard