Add More ~ing To Your Life

Add More ~ing To Your Life
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    Subtitle: A Hip Guide To Happiness

    Discover the thirty-day "-ing" Equation to sharpen your intuitive senses and activate untapped inspirations!

    Lots of people are selling "happiness" these days, but in her hip self-transformation book, Add More ~ing to Your Life, motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein truly shows you how to make happiness a way of life by accessing your "-ing" — your Inner Guide.

    In her thirty-day "~ing" Equation, Gabrielle will show you how to bulldoze negative thought patterns and create personal change through positive affirmations, physical activity, and visualization meditations.

    Get prepared to change your life by accessing a state of "flow" to help you connect with your "~ing." You'll release your negativity and choose happiness!

    In her own introductory "Acknowledgements" to this book, first published in 2010, Ms. Bernstein finished with this, "Finally, I thank Helen Schucman and William Thetford for the willingness and dedication to give birth to A Course In Miracles. Thank you for being a channel for the light."
    "Gabrielle Bernstein is both a teacher and a story teller, looking to the truth she's found in her everyday experiences to mine the gold that is her gift to others." — Marianne Williamson, author of A Return To Love, The Gift of Change, and A Course In Weight Loss.

    "By opening up this book you are choosing to see life in a whole new perspective. Gabrielle unlocks the secrets to a happier, more fulfilled you ... and does so in a healthy, spiritual way. This book will transform the way you think about living." — Amy Palmer founder PowerwomenTV

    "So long, Carrie Bradshaw — there's a new role model for go-getting thirty-somethings. Gabrielle Bernstein is doling out inner peace and self-love for the post-modern spiritual set." — Elle magazine
    By Gabrielle Bernstein