Living With Miracles

Living With Miracles
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    Subtitle: A Common-Sense Guide to A Course In Miracles

    The first comprehensive guide to studying A Course in Miracles, for readers at all levels of experience.

    The channeled writings of A Course in Miracles have touched millions of lives. And yet ACIM can be surprisingly difficult to navigate. From its often complex concepts about the nature of the ego, reality, and love; to the many intense, surprising, personal changes it can bring into readers' lives, ACIM presents a challenge for even the most motivated students.

    Now D. Patrick Miller — the leading historical chronicler of ACIM and a highly respected authority on its teachings — provides the definitive how-to manual for engaging with ACIM. This guide distills years of hard-won insights and helps students navigate the sometimes intense experience.

    Living with Miracles is designed to make even the novice comfortable when approaching ACIM. Miller leads the reader through the most common emotions, reactions, and questions that arise when studying ACIM; provides insights and tips about pacing yourself, as well as when and how to take breaks from study; and gives advice on working through early misconceptions and difficult later stages. He also provides useful, absorbing historical material, stories from practitioners around the world who reflect honestly on their experiences, and a resources section with ideas for those looking to continue their study of this remarkable spiritual teaching.
    "The best book on A Course In Miracles I have ever read. With this work, D. Patrick Miller steps to the front rank of authorities on the Course." — Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity and Conscious Love
    by D. Patrick Miller