A Course of Love – An Overview

A Course of Love – An Overview
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    Full title: A Course of Love — An Overview

    Long-time blogger Celia Hales is both comprehensive and clear in A Course of Love: An Overview. Her 48-page booklet tells the story of how Mari Perron was unknowingly prepared to receive ACOL, a synopsis of the content, significant quotes, FAQs, and more.

    This little book offers an overview of the new spiritual masterpiece ACOL which is a sequel to A Course in Miracles.
    "Reading A Course of Love is more an experience and adventure and it's often difficult to verbalized. This short booklet is very helpful for those new to ACOL or and those very familiar with ACOL. While ACOL is not for everyone, if it is for you, you will know it. It speaks to the heart and mind."- R. Gannon
    "Concise, clear, engaging. Ideal for you if you have heard about A Course of Love and are uncertain about whether it is a good match for you.."- Elliott Robertson
    By Celia Hales