The Ark Of Peace

The Ark Of Peace
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    Subtitle: Healing Realitionships through A Course In Miracles

    "The ark of peace is entered two by two." The Ark Of Peace is a collection of the most uplifting and thought-provoking passages from A Course In Miracles about giving, helping, joining, and the love of self and others that make true relationships possible.

    Allow these powerful affirmation from A Course In Miracles to nurture and renew your soul, as you float serenely on inspirational music. Use this recording as a "pick-me-up" while driving, working, or relaxing. It will bring you an Ark of Peace that truly "passes understanding."
    "Beverly and Steven's recordings are wonderful. They bring A Course In Miracles right to your heart. I find them very moving." — Marianne Williamson: author of the bestsellers A Return To Love and A Course In Weight Loss
    By Beverly Hutchinson and Steven Halpern