The Holy Instant

The Holy Instant
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    Subtitle: Guided Experiences From A Course In Miracles

    In this day and age of frazzled nerves and short tempers, we need moments of peace — we need a holy instant.

    This recording offers the listener a chance to step back from the fray of life's busyness and allow the presences of peace, the presence of God, to heal our lives.

    Part one is a 30 minute segment that provides four extended guided exercises in forgiveness directly taken from A Course In Miracles, with a calming, synthesized musical score in the background. Each exercise gives the listener time to insert a person or situation into it for healing and release.

    Part two is a 30 minute guided meditation taken directly from A Course In Miracles that allows the listener to float serenely to their own internal place of peace as the melodic musical background embraces them with healing power. This extended meditation is a perfect tool for placing the listener into a state of mind where miracles can and do occur.

    With medical science beginning to agree on the healing power of meditation and forgiveness, it makes sense for us to take an instant — a holy instant — for healing. Let The Holy Instant help you to transcend your judgments, fear, and physical limitations and catch a glimpse of eternity!
    "Beverly and Steven's recordings are wonderful. They bring A Course In Miracles right to your heart. I find them very moving." — Marianne Williamson: author of the bestsellers A Return To Love and A Course In Weight Loss
    By Beverly Hutchinson and Steven Halpern