I Had it All the Time

I Had it All the Time
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    Subtitle: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy

    Quit Fixing Yourself and Get on with the Life You Came to Live!

    If you are among the millions of people who have devoted years of time, bundles of money, and buckets of effort to finding the teacher, training, or technique that will fix what's not working in your life, you will find welcome relief in this dynamic, heartful, and humorous array of illuminating insights.

    Whether you are a newcomer or veteran on the path of self-improvement, I Had It All the Time will awaken you to a life so magnificent that you will laugh at the notion of improving what love made whole.
    "I Had It All the Time" is the best of a group of powerful calls to wake your mind up and "see the light" of what is bothering you. In fact, its style of brief stories is compelling in that they are short and to the point. The best part, one doesn't have to read this book, chapter by chapter or in order. You can pick it up and open it to any page and get a life lesson. I keep it by my bedside table, just for that purpose. It is not a new book, but is perfect for any generation. And, I have used it for reference in many ways throughout the years. — Lynn M. Holley

    "Despite the author's assurance that I should 'burn this book,' upon reaching the end, I was tempted to flip back to the first page and read it again. The writing style is funny, witty, and engaging, yet also wise and insightful; full of powerful reminders of our true nature, and exercises to help us overcome our illusions of limitation. As I neared the end, I was already calculating how many books I wanted to order to distribute as Christmas presents when I discovered a somewhat obnoxious glitch - there's a page missing and a duplicate author's bio is printed in its place. Nevertheless, this is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and I highly recommend it.” — Melissa C. Gabriel
    By Alan Cohen