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2013 A Course In Miracles Conference Chicago, IL

A Gift of Lilies

April 26, 27, 28 — 2013 at
Congress Plaza Hotel In Chicago, IL

To register by phone call Community Miracles Center at:
(415)621-2556 or (888)621-2556 (toll free in USA).

For complete conference information
click on the logo at right.
If You Are Registering Someone Else Click Here [Someone Else]
Fill Out ALL Information Then Click "Authorize Registration ..."
Type in "none" if something does NOT apply.
First Name
Last Name
2nd Address Line
Only if needed.
Otherwise enter "none."
State or Province
Please use approved postal abbreviations: California="CA", Saskatchewan="SK" etc.
Zip or Postal Code
VISA, MC, AmEx, or Discover
Credit Card Number  Exp. Date:/
Whose publicity inspired you to enroll?
You MUST choose one!
Please select the amount you are paying now.
Full payment due by April 13, 2013 to receive reduced price of $599.

At this time you must pay in full.            I'm paying the full amount of $649 now!
Schedule of price discounts by date range.
On and after Apr. 13, 2013 tickets may be purchased for the
"At the Door" price — $649
Before Apr. 13, 2013, if after full payment someone needs to cancel 50% of the fee will be returned.
After that no fees are returnable.
Check to see that all fields are filled in. Use "none" if necessary. When you are sure it's correct, send us the information by clicking on the "Authorize Registration ..." button below. The "Reset ..." button clears all the fields.
Optional Comments or Questions
We handle most communications through email. Make sure we have a valid email address.
You must book your hotel room separately. Please say you are coming to the: "A Gift of Lilies Conference" to receive the special conference rate of $159 / night (double or single occupancy).
Congress Plaza Hotel
520 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605 — United States

You can now book your room reservation at the hotel.

Community Miracles Center
2269 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (888) 621-2556 Fax: (415) 255-9322

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